A Long-standing Tradition

Each fall, a few more calves are added to the herd. Here is our latest arrival!  Cows have been grazing the fields since the 19-teens, when this was North Beach Farm.

Later the resort opened, and Mrs. Edna Gibson ran a thriving farm to feed the guests of North Beach Inn.  Some of our guests remember their childhood summers here, going up to the chicken house with Mrs. Gibson to feed the chickens in the afternoons, and visit the cows.

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Magnificent Mushrooms

Each cool wet fall, a plethora of fantastic fungi push their way up through the grass and moss.
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A Horizon of Sails

The annual Round the County Race is taking place this weekend.

Here is our view of it on this blustery day: a horizon full of multi-colored sails moving sedately (from our perspective!) in an easterly direction.  The west tip of Sucia Island to the north of North Beach Inn is visible.

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Eagles and Springtime

One of the advantages of having 1/3 of a mile of beach and nearly 100 acres of fields and woodlands is that we get to see lots of wildlife, from black tailed deer, seals, otters, raccoons, to even an occasional pod of orcas. In addition, the north shore is frequented by many kinds of birds, both migratory and non-migratory: hawks, loons, gulls, kingfishers, waders. In early spring the Canadian geese return and delight us with their honking calls, and the swishing sound of their wings as they pass in formation overhead. Most of the year, we can watch bald eagles in their natural habitat. With the low spring tides, the eagles can often be seen hunting for fish, swooping low over the sandbar and resting in the fir trees along the shoreline. Here’s a photo of one we saw on the beach last spring.

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White-robed Woods


” I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, ‘Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.'” (from “Alice in Wonderland”)


The snow drifted and blew and sank onto every surface, softening lines and blurring contours. It was beautiful.  A new look for NBI’s woods and beach: the trees a feature, not just a backdrop.






Some of us lucky enough to be here loaded up on firewood and cozied up inside with a good view out the window.  Others loaded up with gear, and got outside to walk and wonder and play.



Whatever the season, this lovely old land has so many gifts to give!

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Wonderful Winter: a few of my favorite things

A hot snapping wood fire.  A good book and a cozy chair.  Staring out the window at the wind and waves and the gray.  A steaming mug of sweet milky tea (Tetley, of course).  These are a few of my favorite winter things at NBI.

But winter outside is delicious too!

The brisk sea air that makes my blood leap up to my cheeks and tastes of salt and fir.  A walk on the beach, pebbles sliding and crunching under my feet, the wavelets sloshing and laughing.  The artful twists and curls of the trees limbs bared of their leafy garments.  The solitude of a fog-smothered horizon, making me feel insulated in peace.

I hope you can come and share the delights of winter at NBI! (And for stays of two or more nights in the month of February, you can enjoy a complimentary bottle of Island wine and local gourmet chocolate)

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Christmas Time Beach Getaway!

Come join us for the holidays at North Beach Inn this year. At this time we have a handful of our more weatherly cabins open and the offer is of course weather dependent. Bring your holiday lights along with your favorite coffee and cocoa mix!

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In a world of change…

Welcome to our first-ever North Beach Inn blog!

One of the things that sets NBI apart is the sense that this is a place where time stands still.  In this age of rapid change and constant motion (just look at the devices most of us carry in our pockets now!), having a place that maintains a link to the past, to an era of slower pace, is a rare and beautiful thing.  So even though blogging and on-line bookings have entered our repertoire of services at NBI, rest assured that when you next visit, the trees will still be growing sedately, the waves will be washing the driftwood and pebbles, and peace will greet you at the door to your cottage.


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