One of the advantages of having 1/3 of a mile of beach and nearly 100 acres of fields and woodlands is that we get to see lots of wildlife, from black tailed deer, seals, otters, raccoons, to even an occasional pod of orcas. In addition, the north shore is frequented by many kinds of birds, both migratory and non-migratory: hawks, loons, gulls, kingfishers, waders. In early spring the Canadian geese return and delight us with their honking calls, and the swishing sound of their wings as they pass in formation overhead. eagle on the sandbar Most of the year, we can watch bald eagles in their natural habitat. With the low spring tides, the eagles can often be seen hunting for fish, swooping low over the sandbar and resting in the fir trees along the shoreline. Here’s a photo of one we saw on the beach last spring.